How to Build a Killer Landing Page (with Examples)

Collecting email addresses from potential and existing customers is an essential part of most small business marketing plans. Whether it's for your newsletter or lead generation, you should always be growing your list. 

A landing page's job is to convince someone to hand over their email address in exchange for something you're offering—like a webinar, a download or an event. This is no easy feat, considering how many businesses are trying to do the same and how quickly an inbox can fill up with junk. 

If they've clicked through to your landing page, you know they have some interest in what you're offering. But the landing page has to prove it's worth their time.

Here are a few landing page best practices to follow when you want to convince someone to give up the goods.

The headline & content should match the copy in the ad or link 

You've gotten them to your landing page! Yay! Now don't confuse them. You have to pay off the promise that got them to the page. For example, If someone clicks on a link for a workshop on "How to Learn More About Your Customers," the headline on the landing page should not be "Webinar: Google Analytics Best Practices." 

Sure, you can use Google Analytics to learn more about your customers, but if you clicked on an ad about customer research, and then landed on a page that read "Google Analytics," you'd think you were on the wrong page. And then leave. 

What would work here is: "How to Learn More about Your Customers using Google Analytics" in the titles of both the ad and landing page. 

A landing page should have a single purpose (& one Call-to-Action)

You've gotten them to your landing page! Yay #2! Now don't distract them. Focus on getting them to take the one action you created the page for. The copy should be about the benefits of the offer only. Don't include other downloads and events or "follow me on social" requests. You don't want to give them any excuse to leave the page without handing over their email for that offer. And remove any navigation menus that might take them off the page. 

Make your CTA clear and visible

You should always be thinking "mobile-first" when creating content, and your landing page CTA button is no exception. The majority of emails are read on mobile, so if you're promoting an offer in your newsletter and the button isn't mobile-friendly, your conversions will be low.

Place your button prominently on the page and make it colorful—blue and orange work well. Make it large enough to read and click. 

Keep it concise 

Don't try to include every detail. Too much copy on a landing page is overwhelming and many people will leave if they think it'll take too much time to read. Offer the top benefits and use bullets if there are more than two. And remember, a landing page is a preview of the offer. If the landing page isn't well-designed or it's hard to read, the visitor may assume what you're offering isn't high-quality.

Use video to improve conversion by up to 80%.

According to Eyeview, a video marketing company, landing pages that include videos have up to 80% higher conversion rates. A quick video is a great way to make your message more personable and build trust with your audience. But keep in short—under one minute is best—with an overview of the benefits. Adding a video to the confirmation page, like in the example from Melyssa Griffin below, is a great way to say thanks and build rapport. 

A few Great Examples ...

Here are a few examples to inspire you next time you need to create a lading page.

Melyssa Griffin's webinar landing page checks all the best practice boxes. It focuses on one CTA, is easy-to-scan and is well-designed.

Once you fill out a short pop-up form, you're taken to her confirmation page which includes a friendly video in which she tells you a little more about what you'll learn in the webinar to build anticipation. 

landing page design 2

This landing page for an eBook sums up the benefits in just one headline. The CTA button is bright and easy to find and the design is simple and clean.

Landing page example 3

So remember, for an effective landing page:

  • Match the copy in the ad or link
  • Focus on a single CTA
  • Make the CTA button visible
  • Keep it concise
  • Use video whenever possible